Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Spurs Camp: Plenty of options

With training camp just around the corner, the Spurs made a flurry of moves. First they signed Curtis Jerrells then gave Bogans a guarantee and now waived McClinton while adding Dwayne Jones. As it stands, the Spurs will have 14 players under guaranteed contracts (including Keith Bogans) heading into the camp. Malik Hairston and Marcus Williams are both partially guaranteed. And with a roster loaded with talent and virtually one final spot available, it could be one of the most difficult (decision wise) and interesting camp in Spurs history.

Now what position do the Spurs need to fortify? Small Forward? Point Guard?... I don't exactly know. Let's see, currently the Center position looks solid we have McDyess, Ratliff and maybe Mahinmi. But adding another big like Dwayne Jones is not out of the question 30-30 anyone? At Power Forward we have Timmy and Blair 'nuff said. Shooting Guard position looks stacked too with Ginobili, Mason, and now Bogans. Richard Jefferson should man the 3 spot when the season starts; Finley will back him up.

I'm inclined to think that the Spurs are leaning towards selecting either Williams (he can play the point) or Hairston (definitely a 3) for the final spot; the Spurs are just giving them high quality competition to prove their worth. But still, there is the possibility of James Gist sneaking in. Also, with only Parker and Hill at the point; the Spurs might just bring in another "true" Point Guard in Jerrells to add depth. It's really hard to tell. In a week or 2 we could have our answers but for now, we can only guess. Let's just hope that whoever comes out to fill the last roster spot is the piece we need as the Spurs tries to win another ring this coming season....

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