Saturday, October 31, 2009

Downer in Chicago...

I know it's late, but I think this article it too good, it would be a shame not to be published.

You guys might not like it, because it's about our recent loss in Chicago. But I still felt like my friends' ('Dsilverlining) work deserves some credit. The points he mentioned on this article are worth noting.

It was just a few hours ago when we felt like a million dollars then suddenly shocker punches us.

System of a down
1. On D-Fense
The first glaring weakness was on defense ever since the second half of our opening game . Pop mentioned this in the post-game interview in NOH. I'm guessing he did not chew them out too much after that rousing victory.

Well, he should have had because the team was straying far from our renewed emphasis on D. Ever since training camp, Pop enunciated his desire to return to being the top defensive teams in the league. Defense was our calling card but apparently very few answered the call.

2. Offensive glass
Another issue is how the Bulls clearly whopped the Spurs on the offensive glass 15 vs. 8. That's the story behind the point difference, right there. The irony is we were No.1 in defensive rebounds last season. This is really getting on my nerves. Box-out for crying out loud.

3. Effort or the lack thereof
The third deficiency goes hand in hand with the first two - lack of passion. Spurs were severely out-hustled from the get-go. Surely, we expected a fired-up Bulls playing in front of a season-opening home crowd and should have taken the bull by the horns.

Instead, Spurs had a wet-dank-moldy raggedy response. So un-Spurlike. (Could it be the jet-lag? Excuses...excuses)

4. Tony, tony, tiny
Fourth demerit is on our starring pg.The TP that we know did not show up tonight. His stats: 8 points, 3 assists, 3 turnovers in almost 35 minutes. (Could it be the fall? Excuse you). The French was toast or make that milquetoast.

There were some talks that this is slowly becoming TP's team. If this is the case then he should show more leadership. And to think that this was the guy who wanted a strong push from the start of the season. Show us the money.

5. Poopy
I just don't get why Pop is so hung up on Finley & Bonner on the starting line-up. Granted, Bonner showed some improvement. Still his production was negated by whoever he is guarding. TP is already a softy on D but by adding Finley & Bonner, we exacerbate the problem.
Plus, it puts more pressure on TD to provide help defense. And we don't want that added wear & tear.

We had a fighting chance to get the W. But we were done in by Pop's substitutions. He did not put in his best personnel. It should have been - TP, Manu, RJ, Blair & TD for most stretches. I'm all for experimenting but when it comes to the crucial part, we should go "all in". This just stinks.

But as the saying goes, "In every cloud, there is a silver-lining. So let's look at the sparkling thinggies.

1. Admiral-ble TD
On the season opener, some fans were alarmed at the Big Fundamental's production. They said he was just not in game shape or the gimpy knees. But the most plausible explanation is that Duncan is now assuming the role Robinson played when he was at the sun set of his career.
This is a guy who doesn't care about stats but how to win. He will deliver only what the team needs. And what you saw last game was 'ol boring Timmeh (28, 16 ho hum). Right now, Timmy's eye is on the grand prize. No more no less.

2. Resurgent Manu
It was such a gratifying sight to see His Sickness showing vintage Manu. He needs to play more than 26 minutes or even the whole fourth quarter to regain his deadly form (compared to Finley's 28 mins.) And when he does, good times are a comin'

3. Debeast quickie
Though playing in limited minutes (13), DeBeast was able to hold his own. Pop needs to utilize this talent more if we want a spark off the bench. Memo to Pop: Unleash the Beast!

We have a long season to go, guys. It's not time to push the panic button and sound the alarms yet. My personal tip to new Spur fans, Curb your enthusiasm.

your friendly neighborhood Spur basketcase,


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