Friday, October 9, 2009

Spurs host Olympiacos: Big Three back in action

I was thinking of writing a preview of the Spurs preseason game against the Olympiacos Piraeus of Greece, but I don't really know much about the Spurs' next opponent. I'm expecting the Spurs rotation to be similar with the previous game. After all, Coach Pop himself told us that the first few games will be all about evaluation.

That means he will probably give more time playing to the Spurs' new comers and camp hopefuls. But surprise! Mike Monroe of San Antonio Express writes this nice piece about the Big three all playing in the Spurs next preseason game to be played at the AT&T center arena at 7:30 PM CT versus the Olympiacos Greek Team. Here is a great pre-game preview from my friends @ Pounding the Rock! (Thanks Tim C. & silverandblack_davis)

Manu Ginobili sounds excited when he learned that Tim and Tony will join him in their next preseason game. He said this "It's important for us to get to play again together, It's going to be a fun game. I really can't wait." Well if Manu can't wait, so are the Spurs fans. The prospect of Blair and TD playing together upfront should be a joy to watch. Seeing Tony and Manu on the backcourt should get us all fired up. But I expect them to get limited time, 10-15 minutes perhaps?

Coach Pop will probably give more playing time to Hill, Blair, RJ, Hairston, Haislip and Mahinmi. These players in my opinion are the players to watch (by the Spurs coaching staff) during this preseason. Hill, is showing signs that he can run the team well. Blair is a rebounding machine, something that the Spurs lacked last season. Jefferson needs floor time to get comfortable with his new teammates. And Hairston, Haislip and Ian will probably make the Spurs roster.

Giving them more playing time during these preseason games will give the Spurs coaches a better gauge on what to expect from these guys. This is just a preseason game, but it should be fun to watch! I hope the Spurs win this time. Not that it really matters, but it always feels good to win right?

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