Saturday, October 10, 2009

Spurs visits D-Wade and the Heat

It's their third preseason game. This time the Spurs will travel to Miami to visit Dwayne Wade and the Miami Heat. Game time is Tomorrow October 11 at 6:00 PM ET. This game should be nice to watch even for a preseason game, there are interesting matchups to look forward to:

Shooting Guards

Dwayne Wade
Will he dominate? And once again carry the offensive load for the Heat? It will be interesting to see how he reacts against the new look Spurs defense.

Richard Jefferson
Although he's a Small Forward, he actually starts at the 2 spot (at least in these preseason games) so he will have to guard Dwayne Wade. Does he have the athletic ability and strength to keep D-Wade in check? I guess we have to find that out.

Small Forwards

James Jones
A deadly spot-shooter from downtown, he could emerge with some value as a 3-point specialist if he's fully healthy this season.

Keith Bogans
Has not been impressive so far, but he can also shoot the 3 and play some tough D. Playing against Jones is something to look forward to.

Point Guards

Mario Chalmers
He's played reasonably well as the Heat's starting point guard. Some would say that the Spurs should have picked him up instead of Hill. But their averages last season is not a clear indication on who's the better player. Chalmers played 32 mins. per ball game last year compared to Hill's 16.5

George Hill
Last year, Coach Pop thought he wasn't ready (although I disagree, sorry Pop!). He played well in the playoffs series against the Mavs and has developed his game since. He was impressive during the summer league, and so far has been solid in his first two preseason games this year.

Power Forwards

Michael Beasley
He's a Power Forward in my opinion, and he can score and contribute in a variety of ways, provided that he's given more playing time. He was much more productive when he earned extended minutes averaging 16.7 points, 6.7 boards in 19 starts for the Heat last season.

DeJuan Blair
He's been great so far; a beast on the boards and has a good feel for the game. A hard worker with a great attitude. If he can continue what he does he could be Duncan's backup. (sorry can't get a small closeup picture of Blair)


Udonis Haslem
With Jermaine O'Neal out with an injury, he should start at center. Although under-sized, he's a hustle type of player with great rebounding instincts and a tough defender too.

Antonio McDyess
Some say he's too old to contribute. But this guy has averaged close to a double-double last year. And He's a perfect fit to the Spurs. I even call him San Antonio McDyess.

This game should be interesting to watch given the fact that, Miami will probably play all their starters (except Jermaine of course) in this preseason game. I expect the Spurs to limit the minutes of their starters, like the last time they played. I hope McDyess, Jefferson, Blair, Bogans, Mahinmi, Ratliff, Hairston and Hasilip to have more playing time. That way the coaches can have a better grasps on how they can contribute to the team (specially Ian, Malik, Bogans and Haislip).

It's all about evaluation, and it's just a preseason game, but I guess it's not bad to hope for another win....

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