Friday, October 30, 2009

Survey: Who will be the "Next Bowen"

Spurs basketball regulars, I'm helping Robby add some mojo to our fledgling blog. To do that we want your valued opinion. so here it goes...

The previous games exposed our glaring weakness in defense. After Bruce's departure, we sure miss a lock-down defender to shut down the opponent's top scorer.

Who do you think will be the "Next Bowen"?

a. Blair Force One
b. Keith Bogans
c. Malik Hairston
d. Pop's pet Hill
e. The Runaway Groom Jefferson
f. Marcus Haislip
f. Ex-Spur/Spur-to be Capt Jack
g. Team defense
h. Some other dude
i. There can never be another Bowen

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