Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Spurs News update...

This offseason is painfully slow, I'm sure you fellow Spurs fans are eager for the season to start. Anyway, here are some updates that might interest you. Popovich gives update on Spurs ; Duncan and Ginobili taking it easy and Here's more news at 48 Minutes Of Hell (Thanks Tim!). You might also be happy to know that according to an ESPN survey Richard Jefferson is the Best newcomer and maybe the best offseason move.

While we have all the reason to be optimistic (It could be argued that this roster maybe the best in terms of fire power during the Duncan era). Currently, the Spurs roster looks good and may give the Lakers a run for their money this coming season. But have more questions left unanswered.

I'd say we must wait and see what kind of team do we really have, and maybe add some additional punch some time before the February trade deadline, but as it is, if the new players that we have fit in nicely, other NBA teams will have some trouble dealing with the Spurs. What do you guys think?


Robby Lim said...

Fellow Spurs Fans, feel free to drop a commment a healthy discussion with Fans a like would be nice... GO! SPURS! GO!

Jason said...

Thanks for the Updates! keep posting