Friday, October 2, 2009

McDyess will fit in nice!

During this summer, after an early exit in last season's playoffs; the Spurs knew that for them to be able to compete and get another title, change is needed. They assessed the current roster and looked for things that needs to be addressed. Two main components stood out. They lacked a wing guy who can defend and score consistently and the other? Well they certainly need another big man that can play and complement Duncan. They've done the first part by sending Bowen, Oberto and Thomas to get Jefferson. By doing this they solved their first problem which was to get an athletic wing, however they just gave up two of their big men in the trade.

Enter DeJuan Blair the rookie that fell into their laps as other teams elected to pass because of worries on his ACL-less knees. Make no mistake about it Blair is a talent, and in my opinion he is NBA ready. But of course the Spurs knew that it's not enough. They needed another guy with experience, one that will provide depth to their thin frontline. A guy who knows what it takes. A guy who has been there...

The Spurs knowing what it takes to win an NBA championship. Looked into free agency and tried it's hardest to get their man... Rasheed Wallace but things didn't turned out as expected. Wallace signed with Boston instead. When that happened, the Spurs signed Marcus Haislip, and then quickly turned their eyes on Antonio McDyess. It's reminiscent of what happened in last year's free agency when they tried to get Corey Maggette but ended up with Roger Mason, we all know how did that turned out right?

This time, the Spurs tried to get Rasheed and instead got McDyess, I'd say good for us! (with all due respect to Wallace). I like the guy, although I like McDyess better... Why? Because in my opinion McDyess is a better fit. He may not have the ability to spread the floor like Wallace does, but he can hit the mid range jumper with consistency. Wallace may have more length and is taller, But Dice always plays hard and plays taller than his size.

Another thing I really liked about acquiring McDyess is his desire to win and motivation to finally get his first NBA title. Mike Monroe of Express News writes this great piece about McDyess. His humbleness is admirable which shows He's a high character guy... Sounds familiar? It's because he fits the Spurs like a glove, he is a Spur on and off the court and his presence in the locker room could prove to be invaluable. He may not be a first choice and his acquisition is not as hyped as getting Jefferson or Blair. But I'm telling you, when the game begins and the ball starts rolling, McDyess will fit in nice...

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