Tuesday, September 29, 2009

With Duncan and Ginobili Healthy, the Spurs are ready

The Spurs just had the most busy summer in recent memory, acquring new pieces to make them a strong contender in the hope's of winning this year's title. But admit it, none of those moves will matter if Duncan and Ginobili are not healthy (with all due respect to Tony). Heading into the camp, it's great to know that both of them are in 'good shape'.

Duncan's knees are 'pain free' and according to Jeff McDonald of Express News Manu is healthy once again. Adding RJ, Dice or Blair is nice, but for the Spurs to win their 5th title they need their leader and their super sub. Remember Duncan is the base, the foundation, the cornerstone while Manu is the X-Factor, the power punch, and the hot sauce of the Spurs' JalapeƱo...

The Spurs are not the same without either of them. In 2000, when Duncan was sidelined with an injury the Spurs failed to advance to the 2nd round. Last year, when Ginobili got hurt the same thing happened, so you go figure.

Now with a the Spurs lineup completely healthy, things are looking good. "It's on paper, now it's up to us to put this on the floor". That's how Duncan said it, I think he too is excited about this coming season. And who wouldn't? The Spurs starting five of Duncan-Parker-McDyess-Jefferson-Mason looked solid . Then you have guys like Manu, Blair, Finley, Hill, Bonner, and Ian off the bench, wow!

I'm not saying that the Spurs are going 82-0 this season. But if the new additions fit in snugly to their role, come playoff time most teams will have a lot of headache playing against them. Spurs fans are too worried about the match up problems the Lakers or Dallas may present...

But ask yourself this questions, who's gonna stop Duncan at the post? With McDyess hitting mid-range jumpers consistently doubling him will be a disaster. And how about Ginobili slashing through traffic only to find an open Jefferson or Mason waiting for the corner 3 if the defense choose to collapse on him?

Then there's Parker arguably the fastest Point Guard in the NBA today. Guard him too close he's gone; go under him? He can hit his jumpers at a descent rate. More importantly he now has plenty of offensive weapons to choose from. He could have a career high assist wise this coming season. That's just the starting five how about the bench?

Coach Pop may have a problem at the start on how to play with his 'new toys'. But just the same I bet you, opposing coaches will have trouble figuring out ways to stop them. This is the new-look Spurs. They are more balanced offensively and defensively, with a nice blend of experience, youth, talent, athleticism and leadership. That's why if this team can stay healthy, other teams should watch out...

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