Monday, October 26, 2009

Power Rankings Top 15: Let's start the season!

Last month, I made my first NBA Top 15 Power Rankings. With the season about to start, it's good to have another look on how things our going in the NBA. Click here to comment and submit your own rankings!

( ) - Last month's rank
NR - Not Ranked in the Top 15
Outside Looking In - Teams on the bubble, might break into the Top 15

Now on to the Rankings...

1 (1) Los Angeles Lakers
They are the defending champs, so they start out at number 1.

2 (2) Orlando Magic
Lewis will be suspended for 10 games at the start of the season, but this team have a deep bench. I think they can handle Lewis' absence pretty well and they are looking sharp too going unbeaten in the preseason games.

3 (3) San Antonio Spurs
DeJuan Blair has been very impressive, George Hill looked solid at the point (how many times do I have to say those lines?). And the 'Big Three' are starting the season all healthy.

4 (5) Boston Celtics
Garnett is back healthy and with Rasheed Wallace coming in Bean town, their frontcourt looked scary good.

5 (4) Cleveland Cavaliers
A talented team no doubt. But LeBron's future with the Cavs is still uncertain, Delonte West has provided all the drama and Shaq looked... heavy don't you think?

6 (6) Portland Trail Blazers
They secured their future, signing Brandon Roy and LaMarcus Aldridge into long term contracts. Greg Oden might get better, Batum needs surgery but luckily they are deep at the 3 spot.

7 (8) Dallas Mavericks
They improved their lineup too with Gooden, Shawn Marion and Tim Thomas in tow.

8 (7) Denver Nuggets
J.R. Smith's absence in the first 7 games of the season will hurt. Remember that Danthay Jones is no longer with them too.

9 (11) Atlanta Hawks
The addition of Joe Smith and Jamal Crawford makes them a clear cut number 4 in the East.

10 (9) New Orleans Hornets
I'm not a fan of the Chandler-Okafor trade. Having said that, things might not be easy in the Big Easy. I could be wrong...

11 (10) Utah Jazz
A team that always play hard. They have a good core in Deron Williams, Kirilenko, Millsap and Okur. With Jerry Sloan as their coach, they should be fine with or without Boozer.

12 (14) Phoenix Suns
The return of Amare in the lineup during the preseason was encouraging, and Channing Frye looked comfortable with them.

13 (12) Chicago Bulls
Luol Deng is back, the question is can he easily be last year's Ben Gordon? Derrick Rose is still 'out of condition'. But Noah is working on his game.

14 (NR) Philadelphia 76ers
Let's assume that Elton Brand stays healthy. With Andre Iguodala, Marreese Speights, Young and Willie Green in the lineup, the 76ers could exceed expectations.

15 (NR) Toronto Raptors
With offseason acquisitions Hedo Turkoglu, Jarret Jack and Belinelli in the lineup, Bosh should be pleased right? Now they have to play some D.

They deserve to be here, last season's run was impressive. They still have Battier and Scola, and McGrady might play later in the season.

(13) Heat
With no serious offseason moves D-Wade must be unhappy

They stay at the OLI, Kevin Durant, Jeff Green, Russell Westbrook and James Harden played well in the offseason.

(15) Pistons
The addition of Charlie Villanueva and Ben Gordon might help, but I have to see them on the floor first and how will they fit in with the 'old Pistons'.

With Raja Bell injured, the Bobcats will be hard-pressed to make a strong start.

Jamison's shoulder injury means Arenas and Butler will have to carry the load for the Wiz.

Blake Griffin's NBA career looked promising until the team revealed that he had a broken left kneecap. He could miss up to 6 weeks.... ooouuccchhh!

Agree with my rankings? You can voice out your opinion @ the comments section of this post. Thanks! Now let the season begin...

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