Saturday, October 24, 2009

Spurs Weekly Bullets: First Edition

Hi Folks! We only have a few days left before the Spurs' season opener against the Hornets. With the regular season about to start, I figured more Spurs news will be coming; so decided to make a regular entry that I would like to call, Spurs Weekly Bullets. It's not necessarily a weekend blog but rather a frequent posts of links within the site and other websites related to Spurs Basketball.

This is my first of many (hopefully!) Spurs Weekly Bullets because I don't want you guys to miss great stuffs that is related to the silver and black... I also included a new video section located at the left sidebar of this site (check it out!). I'll try to add more videos as the season goes on...

The Bullets:
That's it for now my friends! Hope you guys enjoyed it...

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