Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Spurs will play the Clippers next

The Spurs will hosts the Clippers at the AT&T center in their fourth preseason game tomorrow, game time is at 7:30 Spurs time! I'm not really good at pre-game previews so I'm leaving that to my friends at Pounding the Rock!. Interesting matchups that I'd like to see is Blair vs. Griffin, Hill going up against Gordon and Ian Mahinmi and DeAndre Jordan battling it out in the middle.

This should be fun to watch, the Clippers have a young core of Blake-Gordon-Thornton-Jordan while the Spurs would certainly go with their new additions and their young guns. I hope Haislip plays this time and Ian, Hairston and Bogans gets extended minutes.

What makes this game more interesting is the fact that Blair seemed excited to play against Griffin. He says he is looking forward to the potential matchup with Blake Griffin, the former Oklahoma All-American. Not because Griffin was the top pick in the June draft in which Blair fell to 37th, but because it gives the two a chance to rekindle a friendship spawned during the draft process.

Blair said, "I can't wait to see him, I haven't seen him since the draft. I talked to him in the summer and told him congratulations. He's a good person, and I hope everything works out for him."

So Blair is a nice guy off the court. But when they start playing, even if it's just a preseason game; DeJuan will play his game, not to show off. But to learn the system more and make himself a better player. And also to remind everyone what they've been missing...

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