Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Spurs' Final roster spot maybe left open

As of this writing, I read a news that Dwayne Jones was waived by the Spurs, that makes our roster count, down to 17. Two more cuts and we have our final roster, but here is an article by Mike Monroe that suggests the Spurs will probably leave the final spot vacant.

Popovich said, "The way we look at it, (not filling the final spots) is most likely, unless somebody shows you that you are crazy to cut them because they have played so damn well."

"There's got to be one or two guys show us we're crazy to cut them. If they play that well, we're going to have to keep one or two more bodies than we probably had planned on.”

The Spurs have two players with partial guarantee, Williams and Hairston. Before training camp starts, I wrote an article about the Spurs' roster situation. At the time, I thought that the Spurs will probably choose between Williams or Hairston. And now the Spurs are thinking twice or maybe thinking ahead.

Leaving the last roster spot available is actually not a bad idea; in the past the Spurs have used it to make some additions or roster changes right around the trade or free agent deadline. Roster Flexibility is a good thing. And in my opinion, that option is mostly needed by the Spurs this year. Mainly because we haven't seen how the current roster will play out. So if things don't go well (crossed fingers), having a free roster spot certainly helps.

I'm not saying that the camp hopefuls are bad. In fact I'm hoping that the Spurs will finally decide to give Hairston the nod. He's showed that he can play defense and provide some offense too. In the first three preseason games at least, I think he's played better than Bogans.

So why am I pushing for the Spurs to sign Hairston? If I think roster flexibility is good? Well, The Spurs essentially has two expiring contacts when the February trade deadline comes Ratliff and Bogans, four if you include Bonner and Mason. So even if the Spurs chose to fill in the last roster spot there is still some wiggle room if they have to. (I'm not suggesting the Spurs to trade all of them maybe one or two as the need arises)

Last season they waived Pops Mensah-Bonsu to acquire Gooden, This season the same thing could be done. The Spurs front office is smart so I trust them; but as a fan, I see Hairston as one important piece maybe the final piece to the Spurs championship puzzle this year. He has worked hard for it and I think he's earned it...

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