Thursday, October 22, 2009

Spurs Waive Curtis Jerrells

The Spurs waived Curtis Jerrells today, bringing down the roster count to 16.

Jerrells showed what he can do during the camp and played well in the preseason. But not good enough to make the roster. He played against tough competition (Hairston and Williams for the final spot). Also, the signing of Keith Bogans before training camp may have hurt his chances to make the team.

Waiving Jerrells was no surprise (with all due respect). Malik Hairston has been solid and George Hill has shown that he is capable of running the team.

The Spurs still need to make one more cut or maybe two before the regular season starts, depending on how many players Pop wants to keep.

I think Williams is on his way out, an arrangement to play in Europe could be done if Pop decides to limit the roster to 14. This will leave an open roster spot for flexibility.

In my opinion Malik Hairston should make the team, his defensive skills and hustle is hard to ignore. He is probably one of the Spurs' better perimeter defenders right now.

I would want the Spurs to keep a 15 man roster. Bogans deserves a shot even though he has been a disappointment so far. If the Spurs felt the need to improve, they can still make a roster move just around the February deadline if they have to...

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